Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 – night video test

A video made in total darkness with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. This video was made in my house, at night, with all the lights closed. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has a LEDflash and you can see that this LEDFlash does its work. The operating distance of this LED is not so big, but it has great power. If you film something from up close, the good video quality may be observed.

   [ro] Un video filmat cu Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, in casa mea, cu toate luminile stinse. In primele secunde lumina este aprinsa, apoi se poate vedea diferenta dintre o filmare realizata cu luminile aprinse si una in intuneric. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 are un blit foarte puternic, distanta la care “bate” nu este asa mare dar luminozitatea este foarte buna. Daca filmezi de aproape, imaginea are o calitate acceptabila.
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